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Buckroe Improvement League, Inc.

  1968 E. Pembroke Avenue
   Hampton, VA 23663

Roving Cleanups
Every month BIL members and friends select a different area to clean up.  The BIL also participates in the Chesapeake Bay Assoc Clean the Bay Day and the International Coastal Cleanup.   Watch  our Facebook Page for monthly dates.  Just an hour of your time makes a big difference in our neighborhood and waterways.

Intercoastal Waterway Clean up
Clean the Bay Day
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September  2013 Roving Clean Up at the Beach Front. We collected over 2,000 butts and 30 lbs of trash in just over an hour!
Twelve clean ups resulted in a total of 10,263 cigarette butts collected. 
Walk Hampton Clean 
organized by 
Hampton Clean
City Commission
Before Picture
After picture
Success  - beautiful after picture
BIL members, friends and members of Jones Magnet School National Junior Honor Society
January 11, 2014
BIL members, friends and members of Jones Magnet School National Junior Honor Society

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March 16, 2014

Thanks to those who were able to come out for today's Roving Cleanup. We pulled enough trash put of the marshy atea to fill up 10 large trash bags! Making a difference in Buckroe and our waterways!
May 2014
 Pet Waste Station Installed at the Richmond Drive beach access.
The Pet Waste Station was provided by a grant program from askHRgreen.org
June 7, 2014 Clean the Bay Day
Roving Cleanup on 7/26/14. Nine individuals collected about 70 lbs of trash & 897 cigarette butts in just an hour and a half
April 19, 2015 Roving Cleanup at 5th Street. 
7 bags of trash,135 cigarette butts, 2 boat seats all removed from our waterways in just over an hour! And, we had fun doing it!
June 6, 2015 BIL members and friends participated in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Clean the Bay Day.  We cleaned Long Creek on 5th Street and the wooded marshy area at Fourth & Richmond. 
January 10, 2016 BIL members & friends endure high tide during our Monthly Roving Cleanup at Long Creek on 5th Street.